Rea’s Favorite Find

The Tulip Chair is designed by Peter Jacob, who has created many pieces for Wesley Hall over the years. If you were to ask Peter about this chair he would simply say: “When I designed the Tulip Chair, I was not thinking of the flower at all. Instead, I was playing with reducing classical shapes. Peeling bits away to see what might be left, retaining a reminiscent form. The resulting silhouette looked a bit like petals unfurling and reaching upward. I knew the name had to be “Tulip”.

This is a fun chair for any room.  The design allows for many fabric possibilities and In Chicago we display the chair with contrasting fabrics.  The subtle eyelash fringe fabric on the exterior part of the frame and a rich green velvet on the interior. I enjoy clients’ reactions to this chair, especially after the sit test.  Many who walk past the Tulip admire its sculptural beauty and are blissfully surprised at how comfortable it is for its petite scale.  A great conversation piece for many spots in the home (foot of a bed, guest room side chair, foyer or fireside.) Truly striking from any angle!

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