Steven’s Favorite Find

Rene Cazares has been creating exceptional custom upholstery for over 34 years, and this 2-piece Carbon Sectional is a great example of his style and timeless craftsmanship. Key features to note about this collection include a wide arm that is perfect for your guests to sit on during parties, an oak arm tray for your coffee, trillium cushions for extreme comfort and minimal maintenance, and a sleek design that can work in a transitional or modern space.

As the C.A.I Designs upholstery buyer, I am always in search of a sectional that offers a wide array of standard components, stocked fabric selections, comfort, and great design. The Carbon collection is the perfect example of this. If the overall frame depth of 46” is too large for your space, we can look at the Fractured sofa/sectional series, which will sit just like the Carbon but at a 40” frame depth.

We are excited to offer Rene Cazares at C.A.I Designs.  This brand is a fabulous addition to our extensive upholstery line up.

Contact Steven, our Upholstery Buyer and Chicago Furniture Specialist, at or (312) 755-9163×7002

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