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Steven’s Favorite Find

Rene Cazares has been creating exceptional custom upholstery for over 34 years, and this 2-piece Carbon Sectional is a great example of his style and timeless craftsmanship. Key features to note about this collection include a wide arm that is perfect for your guests to sit on during parties, an oak arm tray for your coffee, trillium cushions for extreme comfort and minimal maintenance, and a sleek design that can work in a transitional or modern space.

As the C.A.I Designs upholstery buyer, I am always in search of a sectional that offers a wide array of standard components, stocked fabric selections, comfort, and great design. The Carbon collection is the perfect example of this. If the overall frame depth of 46” is too large for your space, we can look at the Fractured sofa/sectional series, which will sit just like the Carbon but at a 40” frame depth.

We are excited to offer Rene Cazares at C.A.I Designs.  This brand is a fabulous addition to our extensive upholstery line up.

Contact Steven, our Upholstery Buyer and Chicago Furniture Specialist, at stevens@caidesigns.net or (312) 755-9163×7002

Rea’s Favorite Find

The Tulip Chair is designed by Peter Jacob, who has created many pieces for Wesley Hall over the years. If you were to ask Peter about this chair he would simply say: “When I designed the Tulip Chair, I was not thinking of the flower at all. Instead, I was playing with reducing classical shapes. Peeling bits away to see what might be left, retaining a reminiscent form. The resulting silhouette looked a bit like petals unfurling and reaching upward. I knew the name had to be “Tulip”.

This is a fun chair for any room.  The design allows for many fabric possibilities and In Chicago we display the chair with contrasting fabrics.  The subtle eyelash fringe fabric on the exterior part of the frame and a rich green velvet on the interior. I enjoy clients’ reactions to this chair, especially after the sit test.  Many who walk past the Tulip admire its sculptural beauty and are blissfully surprised at how comfortable it is for its petite scale.  A great conversation piece for many spots in the home (foot of a bed, guest room side chair, foyer or fireside.) Truly striking from any angle!

Contact Rea, our Chicago Furniture Specialist, at rean@caidesigns.net or (312) 755-9163×7004

Maria’s Favorite Find

The Belluno Oval Chandelier by Lib&Co. is a one-of-a-kind fixture featuring soft gold-satin branches that connect handcrafted flowers. These flowers radiate light in all directions, casting a glow as brilliant as a flower opening in the morning sun.

I love the elegant simplicity of this chandelier. Its flawless connections and handcrafted glass blossoms create a clean yet whimsical design

Contact Maria, our Troy Lighting Specialist, at mariak@caidesigns.net or (248) 822-1300×2370

Eileen’s Favorite Find

Laid-back Island comfort is captured in the Loggia Lounge Chair by Lane Venture and features superior synthetic materials that emulate the visual appeal of natural sea grass.

This lounge chair is my favorite find because not only is it beautiful, but it also brings memories of vacation.

Contact Eileen, our Troy Showroom Manager, at eileenm@caidesigns.net or (248) 822-1300×8232

Scott’s Favorite Find

The LA Sectional by Thayer Coggin features an architectural, cantilevered, solid maple base paired with smartly tailored upholstery. You can customize your sectional by choosing from fourteen, distinct modular units to create the perfect configuration. 

Being modular, this collection works in a myriad of spaces.

Contact Scott, our Troy Furniture Specialist, at scottd@caidesigns.net or (248) 822-1300×8225

Mark’s Favorite Find

The Kent Sofa by Hickory Chair is a classic “Chesterfield” style sofa that is an excellent choice for a Den, Library or Grand Salon.  The soft chenille fabric has an added touch of elegance with a caramel color soft leather welt and buttons which highlight the deep tufting.  The aged brass nail heads add the perfect outline to the well designed silhouette that has been an English classic since the mid-1800’s.  The original sofa was designed by Lord Chesterfield for comfort of his gentlemen friends with a high back and deep cushions that allowed them to sit straighter and not wrinkle the creases of their clothing.

This sofa is a perfect spot for me to relax while I’m reading . The goose down pillows and plush seating make for a perfect spot to read followed by an afternoon nap!

Contact Mark, our Indiana Showroom Manager, at markc@caidesigns.net or (317) 740-0025×8301

Tricia’s Favorite Find

The Placa Buffet by Taracea is a classic and beautiful buffet made out of reclaimed Guanacaste wood.  The design is symmetrical, centered around the black resin part on the doors.  It is a diagonal bookmatch style, inspired by the Ying & Yang figure.  The finish is in ochre or dark Guanacaste/black resin.   

The Guanacaste wood utilized in this buffet consists of vertical cuts, highlighting sections of the sapwood near the center, while retaining the organic waves on the remaining heartwood. The top of the buffet is a custom Placa metal finish. It is a homemade finish at the Taracea factory. 

I grew up near Brown County, Indiana, and now I live in Indianapolis. I love this product because the Placa buffet reminds me of the outdoors where I grew up, with its natural wood finish and texture. It also adds a touch of city living with its modern finish on top.

Contact Tricia, our Indiana Furniture & Fabric Specialist, at triciaa@caidesigns.net or (317) 740-0025×8302

Farin’s Favorite Find

The Theo Occasional Chair by Verellen is bench-crafted with a sustainably harvested hardwood frame. A firm, yet comfortable, tight seat available in a stationary club chair or as a swivel! Expert craftsmanship goes into every aspect of this exquisite piece. This generous chair abounds with an eco-elegant design that can only be described as the perfect fusion between Belgian and American traditions.

I love how comfortable this chair is and the way my arms relax on the thoughtful curves. The fabric we have the chair shown in is super cozy as well.

Contact Amy, our Denver Furniture Specialist, at farinf@caidesigns.net or (303) 282-8100×6970

Chris’ Favorite Find

Designed by Rick Lee, the bold and whimsical Playing Hooky Sectional by Thayer Coggin features eighteen modular units that can be combined to create a customized sectional sofa to fit any space. The collection takes its name from the design silhouette of the back support which resembles a curved hook when the sections are combined. Versatile yet playful, Playing Hooky is a collection that’s dedicated to comfort by offering generous seating proportions and exquisite spring down cushioning.

Playing Hooky offers the perfect balance between style and comfort. The collection is incredibly tailored but still has a very comfortable Spring Down seat and plush Trillium back. I love the way you see the peek-a- boo wood detail in the front and have the upholstered to-the-ground arm and back. The 404 Chaise is the perfect cuddle pod.

Contact Chris, our Denver Showroom Manager, at chriss@caidesigns.net or (303) 282-8100×6971

Amy’s Favorite Find

The Selene 65 Pendant by Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting is a sculptural linear pendant inspired by the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene. It features hand cast glass in Full Moon White & New Moon Clear.

I love the attention to where light is placed along this fixture; integrated LED illuminating the glass discs and the canopy light highlighting the uncompromising craftsmanship of the metal finish. The design itself can play in both a traditional or modern aesthetic. It is a conversation piece and stands out to me for that reason.

Contact Amy, our Denver Lighting Specialist, at amyz@caidesigns.net or (303) 282-8100×6976